The great outdoors is one of the biggest perks to living in the great city of Bozeman. It’s something the city has made the most of through parks and recreational areas perfect for any activity that have been sprinkled throughout the area. From dog friendly parks with off-leash areas, to scenic locations like Bozeman Pond, we’re highlighting some of our favorite recreational areas that are perfect for you or your family to get out and get going.

Lindley Park

Tucked right off the end of Main street, Lindley park is the perfect environment for families looking to spend a leisurely day in the outdoors. It’s wide open landscapes and covered pavilion space make it the perfect park for hosting personal events like birthdays or even weddings. Lindley is most well known as the grounds for which Bozeman’s annually anticipated Sweet Pea Festival is held.

Bozeman Pond

This beautiful space is the picture of what a perfect park ought to look like. It has everything one could want in a park—running and walking gravel trails that total 2.5 miles roundtrip, fishing docs, benches, off-leash areas and public restrooms.

Acquired by the Gallatin Valley Land Trust, this 12-acre space has been designed with the Bozeman community at heart. Children can learn to fish off the docks of the well-stocked trout pond, and dog owners are able to let their pups run off-leash in designated areas that even include swimming beaches

Burke Park

More commonly known as “Pete’s Hill,” this park is one of Bozeman’s most frequented, and for good reason. The elevated plot of land is situated perfectly for catching some of the city’s best sunset views. This area is one of those precious local landmarks that makes Bozeman feel as if there is access to the great outdoors at every turn, even within its suburbs. Located directly behind the Bozeman library, Burke park is populated by hundreds of biking, running, or dog-walking Bozemanites on a daily basis.

For a full list of Bozeman’s 42 recreational parks, visit the parks department website.

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