With hundreds if listings available in Bozeman, it’s our flawless communication with clients that enables us to hone in on their exact needs and match them to the right properties. We combine this with a flexible and agile approach that allows us to be there for you through every step of the way no matter what. Our process is a reflection of the values we hold as a company that serve as the foundation of everything we do. The following offers is a brief overview of what that process looks like when working with buyers.

In-the-flesh-meetings. Here we’ll find out your wants and needs in order to better guide you in the best direction for finding the perfect home.

  • Connecting you with the right people. You’ll most likely need the assistance of a few different professionals along the way. We’ll help connect you with a lender or any other professional to take care of all your needs.
  • Zeroing in on the right home. We work relentlessly to set up showings with homes that match your desires and meet the qualifications of what makes your perfect property.
  • Drafting the contract. Once we find you the right property, we’ll help you write up the contract with terms and conditions that best suit you.
  • Getting the offer accepted. Once the offer is excepted, we send you a guide listing all important dates and details ensuring we’re all on the same page and the process flows smoothly.
  • Working with the lender. We deliver any necessary documents to the lender and work in tandem with them as they set up an appraisal for the property. (Currently appraisals are out about 3-6 weeks.)
  • Completing the home inspection. At this point we’ll schedule a 3rd party inspection for you to survey the home and outline any items that need repair. We’ll also deduce whether or not the price needs to be reduced to compensate for items needing repair that are found in the inspection.
  • Checking with the Title company. We’ll work with Title company to make sure your soon-to-be home is free and clear of all liens and clouds.
  • Negotiating post-appraisal. If upon completion the appraiser finds the home to be at a price that is under market value, we will help you to negotiate final terms and price of the home for your benefit.
  • Doing the final walkthrough. We do a final walk through of the property with you 24-48 hours prior to closing. This is to make sure all agreed upon inspection items were addressed and are taken care of.
  • Staying by your side at the signature. It’s in our nature to be with you every step of the way, even at the very end. We’ll be with you at your closing appointment while you sign all closing documents.
  • Handing over the keys. This is that glorious moment we live for, handing you the keys to your beloved new home!!!

For a more in depth look at how we work with clients to help them find the perfect property, contact us today.

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