Hikes Around Bozeman

From steep inclines that test your endurance to leisurely strolls through the pines, there are a multitude of hikes to be found in and around Bozeman. While you can always find some more off the beaten trail, the following are some of the most popular hikes in town (and our personal favorites).

The “M”

If you’ve ever driven through Bozeman, you’ve most certainly seen the “M.” Made up of large white stone, the M is an emblem that has been formed on Bridger Canyon and has become an icon for the town. When it comes to reaching the M, there are two different trails you can take. One is a more leisurely hike, great for afternoon walks or families, while the second is much steeper and more of a physical challenge. Whichever way you take up, your reward for reaching the top is a spanning overview of our cozy town. Just ten minutes from Main, the M has become a popular hike for many Bozeman locals.

Sourdough Trail

Sourdough Trail is another well-trekked trail near Bozeman. A little further out, hiking Sourdough feels a bit more like a mini-adventure than some of the more central trails in town. The landscape is saturated with pines, making it prime terrain to support wildlife like elk, bears and mountain lions. The terrain is rated moderate and is perfect for runners, skiers and bikers looking for a place to get out and get going. Stretching nearly 13 miles from north to south, this trail offers a large glimpse at Montana’s beautiful landscapes.

Sypes Canyon Trail

Sypes Canyon is another Bozeman trail on the outskirt of town. Just a 20 minute drive from Main street, it sits at the southern end of the Bridger Range. The steeper trail winds for four miles through a shaded forest, staying close to a creek-fed canyon. It offers incredible views of the city along with the Madison, Gallatin and Tobacco Root mountain ranges.

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