Live Like The Locals

Not all of Bozeman’s best features are found in the wild. In town you’ll discover a host of shops, venues and events that are perfect for a day of strolling the streets or night on the town. Bozeman offers all of the small town charm combined with big city culture. The combination is one that can’t be found in many other places. Just one glance down Main street feels like a glimpse back in time, and yet it’s populated with every modern convenience you could ask for. We’ve put together a list of our favorite places to be when it comes to getting the most out of our great town:



Great for all ages, this museum holds some incredible wonders from both past and present. Guests can stand in rooms stacked with actual T-Rex skeletons, or stroll through a breathtaking photography exhibit with over 40 of the top National Geographic photos ever taken.


Stepping through the doors of the Ellen Theater for a show feels a lot like stepping back in time. Still in much of its original state, the vintage theater hosts local plays, old movie reruns, and traveling artists and comedians.


The Emerson is made up of two different levels. On the main floor you’ll find smaller one-person galleries with art for purchase, while upstairs are studios where you can chat with working artists. Finish your trip to Emerson at the Emerson Grill for great wines, sustainable produce and an intimate atmosphere.



This quirky café is a local favorite, known around town for its list of sassy stipulations for all customers. (If you want water, ask for it. If you want poached eggs, go somewhere else.) Bring in your cat eye glasses for 50 cents off any meal (but don’t take them off or you’ll lose your discount).

Insiders tip: Leaving before you try the banana bread french toast is an injustice to yourself.


If you’re looking for a less spunky breakfast spot, the Wild Crumb is one of our favorites. Located off North Wallace, this spot offers a nice break from downtown with artisan breads and pastries made daily.


The moment you walk into Blackbird, you’re wrapped in the crisp smell of an open wood burning stove. Wood fired pizzas, local meats and organic greens make this eatery one of the more savory stops along Main.


Yes, we are putting a food truck as a must-try on our list. This vintage, aluminum RV swept the city by storm ever since it settled onto Main—selling tacos from one end and local ice cream from the other.

Insider’s Tip: For tacos, try the Kim Jong, Fin, or Piggly Wiggly. Or all three! They’re not too big.

Insider’s Tip: For ice cream, try the flavor of the day. It’s usually something interesting like Basil Coconut or Sweet Corn Huckleberry.



Located directly across from Victory, this new distillery is one that won’t disappoint. Pop in for their huckleberry vodka, or make your way next door to the brewery for a beer. Order straight from Victory Taco while at either and they’ll bring it right to you.


This posh cocktail, wine bar and restaurant combo feels like it belongs on the bustling street of some metropolis. Their upscale but relaxed atmosphere is the perfect place to cozy up with friends or family around craft cocktails and a decadent cheese board.


As one of Bozeman’s newer breweries to town, MAP has had a sensational start in the city and one visit makes it clear why. Situated on the banks of Glen Lake Park, the brewery offers wide open views of the Bridger mountains that look close enough to touch. Locals can sit by the fireplace under large vaulted ceilings or sip their brew on the back patio, where dogs are welcome and encouraged to take a dip in Glen Lake.


Another newer drink stop in Bozeman, Corx is one you won’t want to skip. The husband and wife owned winery offers an intimate atmosphere to grab a glass (or a flight) and snack on small plates. Decked with local artwork and run by a spirited staff, Corx is a Main street must-see.

Insider’s Tip: Try their Corx’s house blend red. It’s affordable and will be one of your new all-around favorites.

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